Insuring your biggest asset … Your ability to earn an income

Disability Insurance Top 10 List

  1. Your spouse could go to work or get a second job to replace your income. It is easy to get a job these days.
  2. Your kids could help by getting a paper route, working at a fast food restaurant or both.
  3. Your mortgage holder or landlord will understand that you cannot pay them, and they will let you reside free until you can work again.
  4. Your city will not care if you do not pay your property tax.
  5. If the repossess your car, you and your family can walk to wherever you need to go.  Or, your neighbours and friends will not mind being your taxi.
  6. Your mother, father, brother or sister will lend you money, after all, you are their favourite.
  7. You pay taxes, and welfare is supported by taxes.  You are entitled to it.
  8. You can live off your savings.  Everyone knows that you have at least five years of income stashed away.
  9. You have disability insurance at work, and you are sure that it does not need to be supplemented.  You will always work there, and your employer will always offer disability insurance as a benefit.
  10. You are 100 percent sure you will never become sick or injured (disabled).

If however you are not certain you do not need disability income insurance, we offer income replacement insurance that is flexible and is backed by our excellent service.  We feel that your future income is your most valuable asset and that you should protect it against the possibility of becoming sick or injured and unable to work.  Together, we can work out a program that is just right for you.

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