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Doing your books yourself, doesn't mean doing them alone.
With the AIS Solutions Express program you have a Canadian-based dedicated bookkeeping team of professionals in your corner.
We know that accurate books can make a huge difference to your business and we want to help.
So how does this work? You send us your expenses and receipts through a dedicated email address or upload through our mobile app.  We grab your sales reports from your sales channels.  We work our magic and voila, you've got accurate, clean numbers in a time frame that matters!

AIS Solutions provides you with the services you need to get clean monthly financial reports so that you can make better business decisions on the RIGHT numbers.

 With AIS Solutions, you’ll have a Canadian-based dedicated team you can get to know, and trust.
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So you can enjoy:
  • Comfort in knowing that your numbers are accurate
  • Monthly Reconciliations of your accounts
  • Accurate Sales Channel Reporting
  • Monthly Financials to tell you how your business is doing
  • Access to our award-winning team and technology
  • A scalable bookkeeping solution that grows with your business
What Can It Do For You?
AIS Solutions Express Program at just $297 per month provides you
Accurate Books
Easy App to get us your receipts and expenses
Monthly Reconciliations of your bank and credit card accounts
Monthly Balance Sheet and Income Statement to tell you how your business is doing

Canadian based bookkeeping team
Less Stress and Hassle

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You Qualify for AIS Solutions "Express" program if:
Your business generates less that $350,000 in Annual Revenue
You manage 2 or less bank or credit card accounts for your business
You sell through up to 2 channels, and don't require customer tracking or inventory detail on your financial reports
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Our Process
Our new client setup is fast, easy, and supported by our industry leading Canadian based team
Our team will work with you to gain access to all of the systems you currently have integrated.
Online Banking
We will securely access and link your bank e-statement portals to import financial data into our technology.
Sales Channel Data
We will securely access and import data from your sales channels to get accurate revenue information for your monthly reports.
Monthly Reports
AIS Solutions will categorize all expenses and supply you with the financial reports needed at the end of every month.
Frequently Asked Questions
Will I work with a dedicated bookkeeper?
Every AIS Solutions client receives duplicate team support. Two team members are trained on every client file and are overseen by a Senior Accounting Manager who supervises the rotation of tasks amongst the team.

Why we work in teams:
This helps us ensure consistency and quality even in the event of a sick day, or other unforeseen gap. You benefit from a dedicated go to point of contact, a team that is familiar with YOU and your business, and the assurance that your accounting is in the hands of an industry leading team of pros.

How do I send receipts and other paper?
AIS Solutions uses the latest in cloud accounting technology and tools within the cloud accounting ecosystem, and can digitize almost any paper process. When we cannot digitize a process, AIS Solutions provides all of our clients with a smartphone application and secure portals, that provide digital communication avenues and permanent digital document retention for you and your business.
What if my needs change?
We know businesses evolve! That is why AIS Solutions provides scope based agreements that renew month-to-month. This way we can first meet your needs today, and later scale our support to keep pace with your businesses development. With AIS Solutions, you are taking control of accounting needs today, and planning for tomorrow.

We think of all of our clients as business partners, and shape our services around the evolution of the businesses we serve. AIS Solutions is the accounting partner that is prepared to grow with you.

Is cloud accounting safe?
Cloud accounting has become a cornerstone in the accounting and finance world. While cloud services may have been vulnerable years ago, technology has made leaps in the security available to cloud-based products. At this point in time, if someone holds a bank account, or uses credit cards from any large or small institution, their financial information is likely already in the cloud – even if you don’t access it personally in the cloud.

AIS Solutions only engages with accounting technology that provides the security necessary to protect all of our clients. As a partner of industry leader Intuit Quickbooks the tech we leverage is of the highest quality and is provided by firms renowned for their cloud development teams, and the security in their platforms.

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